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solar power 101

Solar Power 101

Solar power for homes and businesses is the way of the future. A bold statement, but one that is backed by Federal and most state governments. A Solar array offers huge cost-savings benefits, but even just ten years ago, there were few homes operating under solar power. Thanks to incentives by some states and the federal government, more homeowners are switching to solar in 2017.

If you are one of the homeowners on the fence about solar, then this website is for you. Here, we answer some of the hard questions and show you why solar is good…

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Why Choose Us

The success of the green movement is based on one undeniable premise — people are good. Threats of pollution and climate change have us all wanting to do our part to build a better, cleaner world that will benefit generations to come.

That inherent selflessness we all feel has put tremendous force of will behind the solar energy industry to get us off the grid. People everywhere want to move from fossil-based products to clean, sustainable forms of energy.

Our Solar Partners have been working hard to create excellent solar systems and programs that will help our cause and create…

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Home Solar Cost

If you are like most people, you want to save money on your electric bill. In fact, you have probably already tried options like switching to CFL bulbs and adjusting the setting on your thermostat in an effort to reduce energy costs.

You have also probably heard about home solar power but may not know enough to feel confident enough to take the leap into a home solar system for your house. If you think it’s too expensive or a huge hassle to buy or install, let us show you how affordable and convenient it truly is…

Got a Question? Contact us Today

Got a Question? Contact us Today

Awesome Home Owners

It Feels Good

“I like knowing I’m getting a great rate on my electricity usage. Even better, I feel like I have contributed to reducing energy usage. I like knowing I’m giving something great and getting something great in return. The give and take lends a special experience and I would recommend solar to anyone looking to save on their energy bill!”

  • Cashlyn, Verified Reviewer

Residential Solar in Lakeview

“One of the best investments I’ve made was to put solar on my home at Lakeview. My electric bill
was greatly reduced to less than $65/ mo from $160.00. These guys are easy to work with, amazing customer service and great prices. I’m extremely happy with my choice.”

  • Demetria, Verified Reviewer

Prompt, professional and courtesy

“What an excellent team. They are simply the best. Dexter Curbin, Teresa Ortiz, Abigail Anderson, Amanda Rollins were are very professional and prompt. They all responded to all my E-mail and phone calls and I really appreciated that. Most of all the installers and inspectors were very neat and always arrived promptly, if not earlier and did a great clean-up. I couldn’t ask for a better performance. The best service professional. Thank so much”

  • Jocelyn R., Verified Reviewer

How Home Solar Power Works

Hello everyone and welcome to the series. We’re going to talk about how to power your home or house from solar power. We are going to take a deep dive into residential solar power, so you’ll know exactly what you need before calling us. Deciding whether you want an on-grid system, an off-grid system, the types of solar panels…

Solar Power: Expensive, But Worth It

You may have noticed that over recent years, more and more companies are springing up and advertising solar panels. This, in turn, has lead to more people installing solar panels on their homes – so you may be wondering if this is the move for you…

Would Solar Power Save You Money?

You’ve probably heard it all before; solar power is the answer to the world’s energy crisis, and what’s more installing solar panels in and on your home will save you money on energy bills. With utility bills, particularly electricity, increasing all the time – it’s no wonder that more and more people are seeking alternatives…