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People that have gone through the process of installing solar power in their homes with us, give the whole experience and cost savings tremendously high marks.

Get the Best Home Solar System.

The success of the green movement is based on one undeniable premise — people are good. Threats of pollution and climate change have us all wanting to do our part to build a better, cleaner world that will benefit generations to come. That inherent selflessness we all feel has put tremendous force of will behind the solar energy industry to get us off the grid. People everywhere want to move from fossil-based products to clean, sustainable forms of energy.

Our Solar Partners have been working hard to create excellent solar systems and programs that will help our cause and create cost-effective ways to make changing over a viable option for members of our community. We’re all in it together and we look forward to working with you to build a brighter, cleaner future.

How Does Solar Work?

Solar energy is the simple conversion of natural sunlight into usable electricity. We install solar panels made of photovoltaic cells that turn the sun’s rays into DC electricity. As long as the sun is shining, your roof is making electricity. The DC electricity runs to an inverter that turns it into AC electricity and flows to your electric panel to power your home or business.

A wireless monitor is also installed to keep tabs on the system and a meter measures the amount of power you generate. If you have a surplus, it can flow to the grid and you get a credit from the utility company.

What Are The Cost Benefits?

There are basically two ways to look at the financial benefits of solar energy — purchase or lease. Homeowners and businesses may want to look at their home solar investment by calculating their current energy costs over and against the monthly tab for a solar system loan.

The average home, for example, pays about $140 per month to the grid. Systems ranging from 13 to 27 panels can produce anywhere from 60 to nearly 100 percent of your usage. But in terms of buying a system, the costs of financing tend to be about break even after tax incentives and a monthly note. Investing in a solar energy system means that you’ll be going green immediately and enjoy a modest savings while paying down the solar financing. Once the system is paid off, you’ll be saving anywhere from 60 to 100 percent on your electric bill indefinitely. Any energy surplus you generate have can be sold back to the grid at a profit. The greatest benefit to making a cash investment up front is that the energy savings start right away. Basically, purchasing a solar system can start you on the road to long-term energy independence.

One of the things our solar installation partners will do, unlike many of their competitors, is make solar energy free to homes and businesses. One of the most popular programs is the BrightSave Monthly option. It asks zero out of pocket expenses from the property owner.

Instead of putting money out, our partner assesses your current energy costs, roof capacity and makes a solar power system review based on 100 percent of your usage. You simply pay the solar company for the lower cost of solar energy rather than the utility company.

The expected savings are 20 percent or greater and the agreement lasts for 20 years. Paying nothing out of pocket is a huge departure from other solar companies who look for hard, costly monthly installments and balloon payments masked as tax rebates. You simply save money from the start and as the grid keeps hiking its rate, you save even more because you enjoy fixed solar costs.

We Outperform Competitors.

Our Solar partner has enjoyed a terrific run in the market, outperforming many of its competitors in the solar industry. As a consumer, that may be very good news for you. Our Partners solar installations were booming in 2016 and the company has applied a progressive business model that creates greater overall economic return on investment for homeowners. When compared to industry rivals, our partners may appear to cost more to purchase up front. However, their approach isn’t to make and distribute a cheaper product, it focuses on total cost savings for users.

Our partners solar systems produce greater value per watt, to the tune of 31 percent. Additionally, our partners enjoy 30 percent better tax equity and an increased 6 percent in financing. Because our solar installer has a much higher per-watt value, customers can recoup greater tax credits than other products in the market. The higher watt generation also creates a greater value of your solar system. The old adage that you get what you pay for holds just as true with solar systems as most products. Our partner outruns others in terms of value.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Human beings are having a profound impact on the environment. We hear the terms greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change and carbon footprint. What that all comes back to is the emission of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.

The average household is responsible for about 10 tons of CO2 each year. It comes in many forms, the green movement is dedicated to reducing the largest CO2 generator in our lives, homes. The energy we use at home all adds to these emissions. Heating, cooling, lights, appliances and devices all require electricity and the more we use unsustainable sources such as the grid, the more we create CO2 gases. Keep in mind this carbon footprint extends to indirect sources as well, such as the transportation of home heating oil. Solar energy cuts out both the direct and indirect causes of greenhouse gases. By installing a solar system, you’ll be doing your part for the health of the planet.

Solar Power Review.

People that have gone through the process of installing solar power in their homes with us, give the whole experience and cost savings tremendously high marks. Customers comment on the installation process being accomplished quickly, painlessly and the workers are very professional.

Those who opt for the 20-year lease program generally feel positive about lowering their costs and doing right by the environment. Folks that purchased Solar equipment saw energy cost reductions and were looking forward to complete energy independence. The thought of turning on the lights for free someday can be very enticing. Nothing reinforces the positives benefits that come with Solar power than the people who are currently saving thousands of dollars per year on their electric bill.

Customer Service.

If you haven’t engaged a company in the fast-growing solar energy market, you may be surprised at some of the business models. You would think that the green, sustainable energy movement would be populated by earthy, low-key people. Unfortunately, there are some very aggressive salespeople that pressure property owners into buying systems that aren’t cost effective. If that seems contrary to climate caring people, it is.

Fortunately, our solar Partner has some of the friendliest customer service representatives you’ll encounter in the energy independence world. Besides being good listeners, they’re able to provide candid and detailed explanations about the various programs.

Everything about them is straightforward, professional and above board. Our solar partner customer service professionals are available to answer any of your questions, schedule a home solar review and help you be part of the sustainable energy movement.

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